About Us

Meet Amandine (Dina)
Reiki master, Yoga, meditation and Kundalini certified teacher as well as spiritual life coach,A Amandine is continuously finding ways to perfect her teachings and healing offerings.

Amandine Hancock holds a master degree in marketing. After years of using her diploma to help the fight against climate change, she relocated with her husband Judd to the high desert of Central Oregon, and she has since then been dedicating her time to continuously learn the old and modern ways to mindfulness, sound healing, energetic healing and inner peace.

Reiki master, certified yoga, kundalini and meditation teacher, as well as a spiritual life coach, Amandine is continuously finding ways to perfect her teachings and healing offerings here at Smith Rock.

She now helps people by offering a piece of their property to adventurers. She also provides care to her clients so they can overcome emotional struggles, addictions and other life issues (physical or mental) or simply relax and unwind. 

Amandine aims to live by example and does so by practicing her own teachings. She also enjoys good meals, good wines and get easily amused at her urge to forest bath one day, and be on a shopping frenzy the following day.

Meet Judd!
From construction work to music creation, this multi-talented artist find his home in Smith Rock.

Judd is a lifelong musician. Judd plays piano cello, guitar, voice and drums since his early years. Judd has spent many years of his life in dark studios and he wanted to do this differently.

Judd has built a high quality Alicia Keys style studio (aka a studio with a kick-ass view). Our recording studio aims at hosting musicians who want to record in a peaceful and unique environment, far from stress and where time seems to be still.

To learn more about our studio or book a recording session, contact us by visiting this link.


Permaculture / Art / Mindfulness
"Connecting with our planet is not just a necessity, it is what makes sense for the sustainability of our world."

Connecting with our planet is not just a necessity for humans well being, it is what makes sense for the sustainability of our world. In that regard, Amandine and Judd started their eco-conscious journey by embracing zero-waste and low-waste practices.

As they moved to rural Oregon, they decided to go to the next level. The lockdown gave them time to explore ancestral ways of growing plants and food. They stumbled upon the concept of permaculture and how to read nature to help ecosystems to be more resilient and independent.

Their goal is to turn their dry land into a green heaven that will feed them and their guests. A BIG challenge they are currently starting by feeding and prepping the soil.